Business Forum: Dairy Demands – shaping collective asks for a fairer dairy sector

Please note this is a private event for Business Forum members or invited guests only. 

Fairer dairy will not be possible without strong relationships between farmers, dairy processors, manufacturers, retailers and foodservice companies. How can we value milk and other dairy products more highly – and move away from liquid milk being a loss leader for so many businesses? What can we do to give more headspace to those producing our dairy so they can have time to learn from others who are taking progressive steps forward? How can we address tricky issues around lack of flexibility and exclusive contracts?

Our Dairy Project wants to ensure a fair deal for those involved in producing, processing and selling dairy products. We believe that if the people behind our dairy are looked after well and treated decently, this can give more flexibility, freedom and opportunity for them to accelerate the transition to fairer and more ethical dairy – that respects people, animals and the planet.

Join us at Yeo Valley in Somerset to develop collective asks that we can take that will ultimately benefit all in the sector, by helping build fairer, resilient dairy systems.

The event will include an (optional) tour of the Yeo Valley farm, starting at 4pm. Speakers will include Shelagh Hancock, CEO of First Milk.

This in-person dinner meeting will provide an opportunity for participants to:

  • Shape specific asks that we should make of key players in the sector, as well as government
  • Learn from insights from the first 2.5 years of the Food Ethics Council’s Dairy Project
  • Further strengthen relationships with others across the sector to help tackle some of the thorny issues facing the industry
  • Be involved in driving forward positive change in the sector


20th June 2023
4:00 - 8:30 pm


Yeo Valley Blagdon

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