Food charity begins in the Boardroom – does donating help?

How have relationships Between food companies and food charities changed during the pandemic?

An ONLINE Business Forum workshop

Many companies have partnered with food charities in different ways as a result of COVID-19 and the myriad of impacts this has had. This online Business Forum meeting will explore how relationships between food companies and food charities have changed during the pandemic and what the implications of this might be.

Exactly one year on from the the first lockdown in the UK, we will pause to consider how the dynamics between food companies and food charities have changed over the past year, particularly in relation to addressing poverty in the UK. Most visibly, this may be about donations of food, money and staff time, but it goes beyond this. What approaches have companies taken when engaging with food charities, large and small? In what ways has supporting food charities helped – and who has it helped? And in what ways might it get entrenched and/ or hinder long-term progress?

This Business Forum will take a workshop format. It will be facilitated by Dan Crossley, Executive Director, working with Anna Cura, Lead Systems Strategist (both at the Food Ethics Council) and Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford, Research Fellow at SPERI (Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute), University of Sheffield, author of ‘Hungry Britain: The Rise of Food Charity‘ & co-author of ‘The Rise of Food Charity in Europe‘.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for food business leaders to:

  • Support long-term efforts addressing poverty
  • Map out the range of relationships between food companies and food charities and how these have evolved during the pandemic
  • Reflect on what the implications of these might be – for food businesses, for food charities, for government and crucially for those who are in household food insecurity
  • Consider where roles and responsibilities should lie when it comes to addressing poverty and its root causes

To register, please book via Eventbrite using the ‘sign up’ button. This online meeting is for Business Forum members only. If you are a food business interested in joining, please contact our Executive Director

Note – this is the first in a short series. A second online workshop will take place on 27th April 2021 (3-5pm) exploring What should relationships between food companies and food charities look like after the pandemic?‘ We strongly encourage participants to come to both workshops if possible.


23rd March 2021
3:00 - 5:00 pm


Impact Hub King's Cross
York Way

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