Rear-view mirror [online workshop]

What should food & agricultural companies do to help the healing and move forward?
NOTE: THIS workshop-style meeting WILL BE HELD ONLINE

This meeting will follow on from the ‘What’s behind you?’ Business Forum dinner and explore practical actions that food and agricultural companies should take to help the healing and move forward, when it comes to past harms e.g. historic links to slavery and/ or climate justice.

This online workshop-style meeting will provide an opportunity to consider, in a safe space, what practical actions food and agricultural companies can and should take to support the healing and move forward. Whilst attending the Business Forum dinner in May 2022 is recommended, it is not necessary in order to be able to attend this online version, as we will share key insights from the dinner meeting in advance of this session.

This event is for Business Forum members and invited guests. To sign up to attend, please register using the Eventbrite link (password protected).


21st June 2022
1:00 - 2:00 pm


Central London

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Reparations; past harms; climate justice; slavery; climate change; climate emergency