The Business of Food Citizenship


In a new era where individuals are exploring their role in shaping food systems as food citizens, how can retailers, restaurants, food brands and producers play their part? And why is it important that they do?

Food businesses and the hospitality sector are under pressure. They’re facing rising costs and having to consider how they’re supporting their workers and keeping prices affordable as the cost of living crisis touches all parts of society.

Against the backdrop of short-term crisis, how can food business leaders transform mindsets to meaningfully involve others and to deliver fairer outcomes?

At the Food Ethics Council, we’re encouraging businesses, chefs and social enterprises to think and act like food citizens, and to find ways of helping people engage with the people who produce food.

We understand that this is hard to do right now, but it’s also never been more important. And it makes good business sense too: as people unleash their own power to shape the food system, they’ll put more pressure on brands to do better.

Join us for a panel discussion on 5 October to explore these challenges and opportunities. We’ll hear from:

  • Jon Alexander, co-founder of the New Citizenship Project and author of Citizens: Why the Key to Fixing Everything Is All of Us
  • Signe Johansen, cook and author of Smörgåsbord, Solo and Spirited
  • Beth Bell, food citizenship lead at the Food Ethics Council
  • Albert Tucker​, chair of the Karma Cola Foundation

This event is taking place both in person and online. Register to join us in person at Omved Gardens in London for a panel discussion OR select an online ticket to take part online.


29th October 2022
6:00 - 7:30 pm


Townsend Yard

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