VEGANISM – FOR THE FEW OR THE MANY? How should food businesses respond to the vegan trend?

The Food Ethics Council Business Forum is a group of progressive business leaders in food and farming, who meet to discuss the big issues of the day, under the Chatham House Rule. This is one of a series of events open to Business Forum members. For anyone who is not currently a member but is interested in attending, please contact

The meeting will provide an opportunity to:

• Examine the true extent of current and projected trends towards more plant-based diets

• Explore the opportunities for progressive food and farming businesses looking to provide for the growing number of vegans and flexitarians

• Discuss the pro’s and cons of ‘novel’ alternatives that aim to mimic meat and dairy

• Weigh up the overall impact of the vegan trend on the fairer food systems we would like to see

• Consider how any unintended consequences for society, the environment and the economy may be addressed

Speakers to be announced soon.


21st January 2020
4:45 - 8:30 pm


The Zetter Townhouse
Saint John's Square

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