THE NEXT FRONTIER: What role for carbon farming?


Join us to dig the dirt on soil carbon, carbon farming, net zero, ‘insetting’ and more. Explore the opportunities for food & farming businesses, the red lines that shouldn’t be crossed and whether and how to get more involved. Is this just part of the ‘Wild west’ of offsetting that should be avoided or is this the new frontier on the road to net zero? Can and should carbon farming be a necessary part of delivering net zero, with urgent reductions needed in global heating impacts of food and farming?

There is a live debate about the role of carbon farming – whether and how farmers can sequester carbon in ways that deliver multiple benefits. Some argue there are big, largely untapped opportunities for farmers to store soil carbon, if they ‘farm with nature’, and for them to be financially rewarded for that. However, others raise questions and concerns, for example about the permanency of storing greenhouse gases via carbon farming; whether and how to measure soil carbon; and whether carbon farming reduces the agency and flexibility of farmers & growers by handing over too much control to those buying carbon credits.

At this Business Forum dinner meeting, we’ll cover questions like:

  • Where is the science at, including on the measurement of soil carbon? How close are we to harmonised approaches?
  • What opportunities are there for farmers to sequester carbon, whilst also producing food and delivering other benefits? How can we avoid tunnel vision on carbon alone?
  • What should food retailers, food manufacturers and foodservice companies do to incentivise farmers to sequester carbon and to reduce global heating impacts of food production?
  • What role should there be, if any, for ‘insetting’ – offsetting in food companies’ own value chains?

Speakers include Jenny Phelps MBE (Senior Farm Environment Advisor for the Gloucestershire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and lecturer for the Royal Agricultural University) and Tim Parton, an award-winning farmer from Staffordshire, who describes himself as a biological farmer and is passionate about building ‘functioning’ soil.

The meeting will give you an opportunity to explore some of the hard questions in relation to carbon farming and to better understand what your role might be going forward.

This event is for Business Forum members and invited guests. To sign up to attend, please register using the Eventbrite link (password protected).


15th November 2022
4:45 - 8:30 pm


St Luke's Community Centre
Central Street

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