Ethical tools

The Food Ethics Council aims to make ethical decision-making a standard practice in the food sector – for business, government and civil society. Food Ethics is at the heart of everything our organisation does, but what does it mean?

  • INDIVIDUALS cannot avoid ethical choices whenever they go to the shops to buy food. 
  • BUSINESSES are presented with ethical choices whenever they decide what to buy and sell, how they source their products, what prices they pay and what prices they charge. 
  • GOVERNMENTS cannot avoid ethical choices about whether or not they should intervene in the market to deal with concerns about human health, animal welfare, environmental protection or trade justice. 

In the following sections, we will explore what we mean by ethics, and more specifically food ethics. We also offer more insight on what we mean by values and how gaining a deeper understanding of morality can help untangled the many issues we face as a sector.

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We are grateful to all Council members, past and present, who have contributed and helped develop to the following pages.