Long Read

A deep dive into fairness

Dr Nigel Dower explains how we have developed a more in-depth version of our fairness framework

Dr Nigel Dower
30 Sep 2020

In Praise of Public Space

Helene Schulze follows a growing movement calling for land justice and a reframing of land as a public luxury not a private good

Helene Schulze
25 Sep 2020

What to cultivate as we #BuildBackBetter

We identify some positive trends to get behind and challenging developments to be wary of during the pandemic

Helene Schulze
28 May 2020
Past Events

#FoodTalks: Emergency responses to COVID-19

Here are reflections, resources and the full video of our first online #FoodTalks exploring emergency responses to COVID-19

2 Apr 2020
Long Read

Coronavirus, Food and Ethics

Council member Nigel Dower unpacks some of the thorny ethical issues brought to the fore by COVID-19

Nigel Dower
24 Mar 2020

Ethics in our food response to Covid-19

The coronavirus is proving devastating for people and businesses alike. The food system is under stress. What does an urgent, collective, compassionate response look like?

19 Mar 2020

The most important Bill of our lifetime?

This emerging Bill is profoundly important. What is it and why is it so important? Dan Crossley explains all...

Dan Crossley
28 Feb 2020

It’s time for… reflections from Oxford

Dan Crossley shares reaction from Twitter to Oxford Real Farming Conference and Oxford Farming Conference 2020

Dan Crossley
14 Jan 2020

You may say I’m a dreamer, but…

As we start a new year, our Council members offer some quickfire reasons to be hopeful about the future of our food systems

Dan Crossley + Council members
1 Jan 2020