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Our work

The Food Ethics Council helps find a way through controversial issues and develops tools for ethical decision-making.

Our members lead this work in a voluntary capacity, and our staff support them through research, analysis and advocacy.

Our work focuses on two strategic objectives: we navigate ways through difficult issues within the food system; and we work to transform the context, creating conditions in the external environment to enable fair solutions to food issues to flourish.

We investigate issues ranging from the power of the supermarkets, food poverty and workers’ rights, to air freight, genetic modification, meat and climate change, and water scarcity.

Our work includes:

Regular expert blogs on our website - essential reading on the key issues that matter in food and farming.

Business Forum - an opportunity for senior food executives to gain expert insight into ethical issues that are becoming core business concerns. Hosted by leading opinion formers, each of the bi-monthly meetings meets over dinner to discuss key issues.

Publications - we produce reports on key issues of the day, from food distribution to food packaging and many more.

Ethical tools - our publication ‘Ethics – a toolkit for business’ introduces business leaders and policy makers to key ideas in ethics and provides a framework for making better decisions.

Workshops and events - we organise policy workshops, conferences and seminars, independently and in partnership with others.