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Unleashing the power of indexes

Unleashing the power of indexes is our new key work programme that will influence major food indexes to drive a ‘race to the top’ on food sustainability.

In our Unleashing the power of indexes programme, we are working with key food indexes (including the Food Sustainability Index) to strengthen metrics and approaches used and to ensure they have an appropriate set of measures across environment, social, health and animal welfare.

Our latest work is a snapshot analysis of the UK's position on the 2017 Food Sustainability Index ('FSI') - an index produced by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (‘BCFN’) Foundation and the Economist Intelligence Unit (‘EIU’). Fronting up: UK sustainable food systems in the spotlight draws on the FSI results to ask 'how is the UK really doing?'. It goes on to set out the initial steps needed for the UK to become a true global leader on food, farming, health, the environment and animal welfare.

In 2016 we invited a number of experts to look at where, in the first Food Sustainability Index (published in December 2016) the UK ranks on different indices; whether that is a true indicator; and what actions could be taken so the UK can rise up the ranks. The result of those deliberations is Sustainable food systems: How does the UK measure up?

We continue to work with civil society organisations (CSOs) to act on these major indexes, leveraging media interest and prompting political interest, culminating in tangible improvements to the UK’s food system. In December 2017 we released Fronting up: UK sustainable food systems in the spotlight a detailed commentary and analysis to accompany the second version of the Food Sustainability Index.

This work will help the UK score higher in major global food indexes, and make sure those indexes are more robust measures of countries’ performance on food impacts.

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