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Tackling unfair trading practices

The Food Ethics Council is committed to tackling unfair trading practices within the food supply chain

Image credit Johny Goerend


GCAN press release 16/02/2018 - Government announcement not to extend remit of Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA)

As part of the The Groceries Code Action Network (GCAN), a coalition of NGOs, unions and food groups, the Food Ethics Council has been working to tackle unfair trading practices within the food supply chain.

The GCAN has 23 member organisations including The Fairtrade Foundation, Traidcraft, the Food Ethics Council, National Farmers Union and Tenant Farmers Association. 

Dan Crossley, Executive Director of the Food Ethics Council says:

“Unfair trading practices still exist in the food supply chains of major UK food businesses – with both domestic and international suppliers and farmers. The Food Ethics Council along with the organisations that make up GCAN want to see unfair trading practices eradicated. 

There is a long way to go to achieve a food system that is fair for all. A genuinely fair food system means there is a fairshare for all those involved in food supply chains, fair play in how businesses engage with each other, and everyone being given a fair say."