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Meat and livestock

Farming animals accounts for around 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions and the UN expects meat demand to double by 2050. Meanwhile reports reiterate the toll our health pays from a meat-heavy diet. Yet livestock play a crucial part in many rural communities and some efforts to reduce our carbon footprint may be worse for animal welfare.

Food ethics : Meat: Facing the dilemmas

The Food Ethics Council is working with others to explore way through this quagmire. The easy answer may be to eat less meat, but that raises a host more issues - ethical and pragmatic - for governments, citizens and people in the industry.

We produced a series of reports for WWF-UK as part of the Livestock dialogues.

Prime Cuts: valuing the meat we eat  (2013)

A square meal (2011)

Livestock consumption and climate change: progress and priorities (2010)

Livestock consumption and climate change: a framework for dialogue (2009)