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EU Farm Policy

Brussels is bracing itself for more wrangling over the Common Agricultural Policy. Should we scrap the CAP? What reforms should we want? Confused?

Let the latest edition of our magazine be your guide: contributions from commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel, Hilary Benn, Jack Thurston, David Baldock, Don Curry, Barbara Young, Jonathon Porritt, Hannes Lorenzen, Michael Jack and many more.

The CAP is said to cost families an average €950 a year - more than we spend on fruit and vegetables. Despite reforms in 2003, it stands accused of harming the planet, poorer countries and even public health. For decades, it has been public enemy number 1 for environment, poverty and consumer campaigners.

In the autumn, the European Commission will set out its stall for further reforms. This edition of Food Ethics asks what a progressive agenda would look like. Should we phase out this troubled policy or could a changed CAP even be an asset in the struggle against climate change, poverty and obesity?


Analysis: background
How the CAP evolved | Wyn Grant
The rich list: Jack Thurston examines where the subsidies go

The big question
Should we scrap the CAP?| Elizabeth Adams | David Baldock | Hilary Benn | Don Curry | Mariann Fischer Boel | Michael Jack | Hannes Lorenzen | Helen Phillips | Jonathon Porritt | Barbara Young (number crunching section with references)
What should we want from CAP reform? Why 'not bad' is no longer good enough | Tom MacMillan and Christopher Ritson

The reform agenda
For rural communities | Neil Ward, Dan Keech and Jessica Sellick
For international justice | Teresa Cavero
For public health | Tim Marsh
For the environment | Harry Huyton with Vicki Hird

Worldview | Patrick Mulvany on food sovereignty coming of age
On the farm | Gillian Herbert on mud and maggots
Business page
CAP reform for flood alleviation – a bucolic dream? | Jane Milne

From the editor
Reviews – reading
Reviews – eating | Clive Bates
Upcoming events

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