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Food futures

How we innovate for sustainable food systems is an important issue. Often when we try and work out possible 'food futures' we're starting from a set of assumptions that underpin our efforts. And where you end up on your journey to the future depends on your starting point.

Future gazine

The Food Ethics Council did its own 'futures' study - Future scenarios for the UK food system - in 2009. We looked at four possible futures for UK food production and consumption up to the year 2022.

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We went on to explore, in the Autumn ’11 edition of Food Ethics, the usefulness of futures work in food and farming. In 'Food futures: utopia, dystopia or myopia?' contributors looked at the key findings of recent 'future of food' studies, and asked what assumptions underpin these various efforts to explore the future of food. Are these assumptions credible, and how can they inform strategic decision-making?

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