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GM technology

The issue of GM technology is still contentious, with views polarised between 'for' and 'against'. We believe it’s time the world moved on from asking whether we want or need GM.  They are leading questions, and the answer you get depends on who’s asking.



Gm - unravelling the rhetoric

Instead of asking 'do we need GM, why not ask the marginal farmers and poor communities most affected by climate change and other threats to their food security what they need?

Calling for a debate about one technology is just a nice way of telling people to like it or loathe it, depending on how you ask

Our magazine 'GM - unravelling the rhetoric' calls for a fresh debate about innovation in agriculture.

Contributors to the magazine take stock of what we can learn from all the wrangling that has already happened over GM foods. They look at how the science, risk management, public trust and even democracy have changed. On risk, for example, they find regulators have made real progress in grappling with the social issues that inevitably inform their judgement, yet there is some way to go before decision-makers manage do this in ways that are sufficiently clear and accountable.

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