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For whom? Questioning the food and farming research agenda.

How can food and farming research deliver for the long-term public good? And how can we build a high-quality research agenda which strengthens a food system that serves people, the planet and animals? ‘For whom? Questioning the food and farming research agenda' brings together the thoughts and opinions of 32 experts, in a special magazine.

Editorial. Big questions and radical change. Dan Crossley

Calling for a paradigm shift. Food Ethics Council viewpoint

‘For whom? Questioning the food and farming research agenda'. The Food Ethics Council asked international experts to explore where the power lies in setting our food and farming research agenda. We also asked who benefits from both publicly and privately funded research. We believe the status quo research agenda is not delivering the public good required for a food system that serves the needs of people, planet and animals. 

This collection of articles starts addressing key questions about how the research agenda is set in food and farming, unmasking and challenging the dominant research paradigm, and highlighting inclusive alternatives to deliver public good. The report is aimed at research institutions, funding bodies, government officials, CSOs and anyone with an interest in redefining the research agenda for the public good, especially in post-Brexit UK. 

Download the full report For Whom? Questioning the food and farming research agenda

The report includes contributions from:
Miguel Altieri | Molly Anderson | Annelie Bernhart | Helen Browning | Ibrahima Coulibaly | Dan Crossley | Liza Draper | David Drew MP | Ralph Early | Liz Hosken | Toby Hodgkin | IPES-Food | Nic Lampkin | Tim Lang | Les Levidow | Steve McLean | Tom MacMillan | Renato Maluf | Ben Mepham | Dunja Mijatovic | Pat Mooney | Marion Nestle | Clara Nicholls | Helena Paul | Susanne Padel | Michel Pimbert | Jonathan Porritt | Claire Robinson | Suman Sahai | Ruth Segal | Steve Tones | Melanie Welham