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Food Citizenship

How thinking of ourselves differently can change the future of our food system.


The Food Citizenship report was launched on 28th June 2017, and is the result of a ten month inquiry, working with the New Citizenship Project and the six organisations across the food industry to explore a future 'Citizen' food system.

We’ve worked together to explore what could happen if all the key players in the food system switched from a Consumer to a Citizen Mindset; generating ideas and testing new approaches to Food Citizenship; going beyond engagement to involve people, and recognising the multiple roles citizens can have in the food system.

Anna Cura, project co-ordinator at the Food Ethics Council, shared her views on the project on our blog.

Download the report here.

We believe there is a major opportunity for our food system in the shift from a Consumer to a Citizen Mindset, and we want to open the conversation to explore how we might work together to develop an influencing agenda rooted in this way of thinking. To do so, we are setting up a ‘Hackathon’ for food NGOs on 26th September 2017, where we will explore how we can shift the basis on which policy decisions - both in government and organisations - are made, seeking involvement and participation from as many people as possible, not expecting consumption decisions alone to represent public opinion. If this sounds like something you or your organisation want to participate in, please register here.

This is only the beginning. For more information, visit

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