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Consumer choice

It is easy to take choice for granted, but there are many whose choice is either restricted or non-existent. Farmed animals, the very young, future generations, those living in extreme poverty, and the planet we live on are all disproportionately affected by the choices others are free to make.

The cover of Food Ethics magazine

Often these choices are market-driven. Consumers are juggling bills and other expenses as well as their food budget. Governments are looking to see commercial returns on their investments, which affect agricultural research priorities and – ultimately – the products on supermarket shelves.

Is it possible to ensure that everyone is given a choice, and at the same time to move away from market-driven choices to those based on values instead? Can people (and organisations and governments) make ‘better’, or more considered choices?

The Spring 2013 edition of Food Ethics magazine examines in depth what drives our choices, and helps to tease out at least some of the answers to that question.

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