Professor David Pink

David Pink

Emeritus Professor of Crop Improvement, Harper Adams University

David Pink is an expert in plant breeding and crop genetics with over 30 years’ experience of breeding research. Until September 2010 he led the crop improvement group at Warwick HRI in multidisciplinary research in field vegetables, narcissus and oil seed rape, funded by Defra, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and breeding companies. He then became Professor of Crop Improvement at Harper Adams University until 2016 and is now an emeritus professor.

David’s scientific interest has been the development of tools and resources to facilitate breeding new vegetable crop varieties utilising natural variation found in old varieties and wild species in gene bank collections. Later in his career he became interested in fairness in the food system and worked with social science colleagues to explore how non-scientists could influence research strategy.
He is a scientific advisor to the Field Vegetable Panel of the Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board, a scientific advisor to LEAF and a trustee of The Arthur Rank Centre.