Anna Cura

Anna Cura

Lead Systems Strategist
+44 (0) 333 012 4147

Anna is responsible for the management of key programmes, with particular focus on the Food Citizenship project. She is the in-house expert on systems change, complexity, framing and the power of language. Her focus is on ethical decision-making in complex environments and co-designing systemic interventions across the UK food and farming sector. As part of a small and mighty team, she also supports her peers on comms delivery and IT support.

She is a zoologist with a Master’s degree in biodiversity conservation from the University of Oxford, and has 10 years’ experience in both the forestry and agrifood sectors, as a consultant and researcher. Her training had a strong focus on complex ecology and ethics. Her previous roles have taken her across four continents, from farmer-wildlife conflicts in South Africa, to organic (teikei) farming in Japan. She speaks fluent French and Spanish.

Anna’s passion for food is a life-long endeavour. Having grown in a multicultural family, with food always being central to any family or social activities, she’s continuing the foodie tradition, with an environmental twist. She wants everyone to have access to beautiful, exciting, healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly food.

When she is not talking about food, she drags her husband to watch her latest theatre play, or promotes ethical beauty products and ethical fashion!