Helene Schulze

helene schulze

Communications Officer
+44 (0) 333 012 4147

Helene is responsible for communications across the Food Ethics Council, coordinating our social media, writing our newsletters and guiding on how to make sure our work reaches the right people in an engaging, accessible manner. She is also a writer and editor on agri-food issues, formerly coordinator of European food and farming news platform, ARC2020. Her work focuses on agroecology, (urban) food justice and art-science collaborations for expanding the reach and potential of the food movement.

Helene co-directs the London Freedom Seed Bank, a network of food growers across London, dedicated to saving, storing and distributing open-pollinated seed. She is also co-director of the Garden of Earthly Delights, a community garden and hub advocating for the transformation of un(der)used urban spaces into accessible, biodiversity-rich green spaces for all.

She co-edited a book on grassroots rural initiatives across the Europe which have creatively responded to some of the biggest issues of our time from climate breakdown to the ongoing refugee crisis and the rise of populism. The book platforms stories of traditional herbal knowledge in Transylvania, cooperative economies in Greece and inventive land repatriation from the mafia in Sicily.

Helene is primarily concerned with the intersections between food, agriculture and social justice. She recently completed a master’s degree in environmental governance at the University of Oxford. There she wrote her thesis on seed sovereignty and biodiversity conservation in the United Kingdom.