Business Forum ONLINE: Profit – exploring practical solutions

ONLINE SOLUTIONS WORKSHOP: How can we make doing the right thing in food & farming profitable?

At our in-person Business Forum dinner meeting in March 2024, we explored issues relating to ‘profit’ and co-developed the key question agri-food businesses should be asking about profits in food and farming.

At this follow-on meeting (held online), we will explore answers to that key question, namely ‘How can we make doing the right thing in food & farming profitable?’. Hence this workshop will focus on developing ‘in the round’ solutions – individually and collectively – that seek to address root causes.

This will be an informal open space for participants to share ideas, consider potential collaborations and learn from peers. With it being held online, it will allow Business Forum members from anywhere in the UK to join.

Even if Business Forum members were not able to join the related in-person dinner meeting (on 19th March), they are still very welcome to join this online workshop. We will kick start the session with a short summary of key insights from the previous meeting.


17th April 2024
6:00 - 7:30 pm

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