We investigate, analyse and explore a wide range of themes and ethical debates surrounding UK food & farming and global food system sustainability. Explore our themes to learn more about the challenges and opportunities we must collectively take on to create fair food systems for all.

Meat, Livestock & Dairy

Producing and eating meat and dairy foods have significant impacts on people’s health, the planet and animal welfare.

Food & poverty

With diet-related illnesses – and their associated costs – on the rise in the UK, we urgently need to address the root causes of poverty.

Climate emergency

Urgently moving to 'net zero' (or even carbon positive) food & farming systems will benefit the UK and climate-stressed regions where many go hungry.

Farm Animal Welfare

Farm animal welfare is an important indicator of how sustainable our food system is. It also shines a spotlight on our values and ethics.

Food Waste

Wasted food hurts our wallets but also costs our planet in wasted resources, pollution and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Power in the food system

With too much power concentrated in too few hands, our current industrial food system can never be fair or resilient.

Research and innovation

Putting sustainability and social justice at the heart of our research institutions is key to reforming our food systems.

Fair trade & social justice

Sustainable food systems should ensure that the people who grow and sell our food are treated decently and paid fairly.

Valuing our food

The true value of food is in a whole host of non-monetary benefits, from healthy people to a healthy environment.

UK food & farming policy

Food and farming policies are crucial in helping farmers produce goods that are healthy and sustainable for people, planet and animals.

Participation and democracy

Democratising food systems, so everyone has a say in how our food is produced and traded, can help build a fairer society.

Health & nutrition

More and more people in the UK aspire to eating a healthy diet, but we are still falling short.

Natural environment

A healthy natural environment is key to growing enough nutritious food for a growing global population.

Trust & transparency

Creating transparency from farm to fork can strengthen trust and create a healthier food system.

Farming Systems

Experts around the world are increasingly advocating farming systems that use sustainable methods and practices.