How can food businesses seize the opportunity of healthy, sustainable diets? How can we build resilience – within food businesses, within communities, at a national level, and throughout the world? How can food and farming businesses play their part in accelerating towards a net zero sector? How can we shift to a model that reflects the true cost of food, without alienating society?

Ethical questions such as these are now core concerns for food and farming businesses. Progressive businesses realise that addressing these concerns in a fair, responsible way is critical for the health and wellbeing of people, animals and the planet and for long-term business health.

To support the exploration of these questions, the Food Ethics Council holds a Business Forum – a safe space for a community of changemakers in food and farming businesses to come together and exchange ideas and best practice, unlock ethical tensions and support one another. This is done through a network where members can reach out to one another and initiate conversations that are most pertinent to their roles today. Our Business Forum members also meet six to seven times each year for in-depth, in-person discussion.

By bringing together peers from across the sector in a safe space, we encourage frank sharing of insights, which gives executives the confidence to take positive action.

A list of our Business Forum members can be found here.

If you are interested in joining our Business Forum, head here to find out more.