Our mission is to accelerate the shift towards fair food systems that respect people, animals and the planet.

Our Focus

Our work is about transforming the discussion around food and farming, using ethics and values as our foundation, to pave the way to a fair food system that respects people, animals and the planet.

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Transforming UK Food & Farming Policy

Promoting policies that contribute to fair, sustainable food and farming.

Food Citizenship

Exploring how a shift from a consumer to a citizen mindset can change the future of our food system

Our Issues

We investigate, analyse and explore a wide range of issues and ethical debates surrounding UK food and farming and global food system sustainability. Explore our issues pages to learn more about the challenges and opportunities we must collectively take on to create fair food systems for all.

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Meat, Livestock & Dairy

Producing and eating meat and dairy foods have significant impacts on people’s health, the planet and animal welfare.

Food & poverty

With diet-related illnesses – and their associated costs – on the rise in the UK, we urgently need to address the root causes of poverty.

Latest opinion

Blogs, long reads and inspiration exploring ethics, policy and the future of food


50 days and counting

As we approach the end of UK’s Transition Period after Brexit, our Exec Director reflects on how the food system is looking

Dan Crossley
11 Nov 2020

Building community food resilience in a global pandemic

What challenges have emergency food aid providers faced under COVID-19? How have they responded to the major shifts in our food systems?

Anna Cura
4 Nov 2020

Food Justice – Time to deliver

Food Ethics Council member Geoff Tansey reflects on the original Food and Fairness Inquiry of 2010 and what steps are needed now to achieve food justice.

Geoff Tansey
14 Oct 2020

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Our events are designed to stimulate debate and constructive thinking about the issues that surround the world of food.