Price pressures on farmers and the climate and nature emergency we now face have increased the urgency of striving for fairer, more ethical dairy systems. But what would those systems look like?

All sorts of groups have ideas about what ‘fairer, more ethical’ means and what farming should be like. But this project is focusing on farmers themselves. We want to understand from them what, if it was possible, they would like to do differently? What are the changes they’d like to see in the dairy sector, and what do they think they could do to help make those changes happen?

This project is about working with dairy farmers to identify the barriers and opportunities for enabling fairer and more ethical dairy systems – and helping to overcome them.

If you are a dairy farmer and would like the chance to inform, debate and direct a movement to create fairer, more ethical dairy systems in the UK that work for farmers, then please get in touch. This will be an opportunity to meet like-minded producers and share insights and best practice and ensure farmers’ voices, knowledge and inspiration are heard.

Our workshops with dairy producers started in June 2021 and continue into 2022.

See our latest press releases (in ‘resources’) for latest information.

To find out more or get involved, please contact