Boosting better dairy

HOW CAN we enable dairY farmers and the wider sector to transition to more ethical dairy?

As our Dairy Project moves into its next phase, we want to take what dairy farmers have told us is important to them and explore with the wider sector how we can drive positive change towards more ethical dairy together. The meeting built on our previous Business Forum, which explored more ethical dairy and provided an opportunity to share research findings and insights to date from the project. In this discussion, we specifically wanted participants to be able to dive deeper into some of the questions that have emerged from discussions so far.

Discussion questions

  • How can producers step out of current dairy systems?
  • What can/ should universal (high) standards across milk and dairy look like?
  • How can subsidies support more agroecological approaches in dairy?

The meeting was chaired by our Executive Director Dan Crossley and participants included farmers and those from the wider dairy sector, including from dairy processors, food manufacturing and foodservice. Our Business Forum report shares key insights from the discussion.