What needs to change in UK dairy?

The answer is a fair bit! But the good news is that there is clear appetite for change.

This is the final report of our Dairy Project, and focuses on actions that everyone in the sector can take to support a shift to fairer, more ethical dairy systems. Processors and retailers currently hold significant power within dairy value chains, and we have focused our key asks on these groups. However, everyone has a role to play. In this report you’ll find recommendations for: 

🐄 Farmers & farming unions
🌱 Landowners
🧀 Processors & manufacturers
🛒 Retailers
🍽 Foodservice
💷 Financial services
✍ Policymakers
🏫 Schools, colleges & universities

This project is about believing in people. We start from the premise that farmers do care about the welfare of their animals, the longevity of their livelihoods and the resilience of their sector. However, we also understand that many farmers have been forced to intensify, grow their herd sizes, invest in ever-more infrastructure and churn out higher yields in order to make a living. This has had major knock-on effects for animal welfare, the planet, and farmers’ own wellbeing. The Dairy Project is about supporting farmers to step off this ‘treadmill’ of production growth above all else, by identifying and overcoming barriers and blockages to change.