Business Forum report

‘Crunch Time’ Business Forum Report

Our May 2022 Business Forum explored how we can navigate the cost-of-living crisis.

15 Dec 2022

We need our next government to think long-term, be bold and create systemic change

From the climate emergency to rising costs, our food problems are urgent, systemic and in need of long-term policy change.

Food Ethics Council
20 Jul 2022
Policy response

The rise and rise of food banks: the Food Ethics Council’s APPG response

The Food Ethics Council made these points in our response to the recent call for evidence from the APPG on Ending the Need for Food Banks. Read our full response.

19 Jul 2022

Intervening for better food systems

Our executive director Dan Crossley turns an admiring eye to Scotland's Good Food Nation Bill in a plea to UK government

Dan Crossley
24 Jun 2022
Press release

Cost of living squeeze

Our Exec Director, Dan Crossley, writes in the Grocer challenging food companies on how much profit they should be making

Dan Crossley
26 May 2022

Building a community hearth

In a guest blog, Anna Cura calls for the development of community hearths, in different forms, across the UK

Anna Cura
31 Mar 2022

Bread – the humble loaf

In his latest column for the Grocer, Dan Crossley sets out why bread matters, in the UK and beyond

Dan Crossley
3 Mar 2022

Seeking hope amidst the gloom

Looking for positives in our food system in what are disturbing times, Dan Crossley shares his own A to Z

Dan Crossley
2 Mar 2022

Food sector should embrace food citizenship

Dan Crossley argues that we are more than just consumers - and that food companies should embrace food citizenship

Dan Crossley
1 Sep 2021