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The urgent need to enhance agricultural biodiversity

It sustains our food system and strengthens the biosphere

Patrick Mulvany
15 Dec 2022

Reasons for optimism: Food Ethics Council at Groundswell 2022

Here are some of our (positive) takeaways from this year’s Groundswell, including our session on what farmers feel optimistic about

Food Ethics Council
28 Jun 2022

Intervening for better food systems

Our executive director Dan Crossley turns an admiring eye to Scotland's Good Food Nation Bill in a plea to UK government

Dan Crossley
24 Jun 2022
Press release

Cost of living squeeze

Our Exec Director, Dan Crossley, writes in the Grocer challenging food companies on how much profit they should be making

Dan Crossley
26 May 2022

Celebrating new legislation – sentience matters

Why farmed animal welfare should be a cornerstone of ethical food approaches, from Exec Director, Dan Crossley

Dan Crossley
26 Apr 2022

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Dan Crossley writes about the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket and argues for diversity in his latest column for the Grocer

Dan Crossley
31 Mar 2022

Seeking hope amidst the gloom

Looking for positives in our food system in what are disturbing times, Dan Crossley shares his own A to Z

Dan Crossley
2 Mar 2022

Beyond faceless food

Our Exec Director, Dan Crossley, argues that we should think more about the people behind our food - and treat them fairly

Dan Crossley
2 Feb 2022