Ethics: a toolkit for Welsh organic businesses

The Organic Centre Wales (OCW) ran a three-year project called Better Organic Business Links to support profitability, sustainability and exemplary environmental performance in the organic sector.

One of the aims was to help develop fair and ethical trading models. This means helping people to do business ethically, and supporting them in getting a fair deal with suppliers and customers.

As part of that, OCW asked the Food Ethics Council to create this toolkit, which introduces businesses to key ideas in ethics and suggests a framework for ethical decision-making. It discusses some of the specific issues facing the organic sector, and explains how to find out more.

‘Ethics: a toolkit for Welsh organic businesses’ is available in Welsh and English, and contains:

  • A crash course in ethics and how it relates to business;
  • An ethical decision-making tool;
  • Business ethics myth busters; and
  • A transparency test.

[See here for a Welsh version of the toolkit]