Fairness framework – fairness for whom?

This new extended fairness framework builds on the initial approach introduced in our original Food Justice report, which outlined three dimensions of fairness/ justice – fair share, fair play, fair say – and which represented a powerful way of thinking about justice in relation to food policy and food issues. In this expanded framework, we build on this by (i) expanding on what constitutes ‘fair share’, ‘fair play’ and ‘fair say’ and (ii) making explicit the key question: fairness for whom?

This version of the framework has been authored by member of the Food Ethics Council, Dr Nigel Dower, with input from team and Council members. See here for a fuller rationale from Nigel of why we have evolved our original fairness framework and how this may be used.

Download the fairness framework below. Since this framework and its rationale are premised on their being open and evolving, this version invites constructive feedback. Concepts of fairness are not static and we acknowledge people will have different perspectives and may subscribe (legitimately) to different theories of justice.

We urge you to try out this fairness framework and to let us know when and how you find it useful.