Food Policy Compass

Food policy compass: a prompt FOR IN the round policyMAKING

Our Food Policy Compass is a simple prompt/ tool to encourage an ‘in the round’, integrated approach to policymaking – considering four key dimensions.

The question it helps address is:

Is the policy under consideration likely to contribute to positive outcomes or to cause unacceptable harm in any of the four critical dimensions of social justice, human health, animal welfare and environmental sustainability?

How to use it?
For the policy relating to food and farming that is ‘in the dock’, how does it measure up ‘in the round’? Is it likely to contribute to positive outcomes and lead to food systems that are healthy, fair to people, humane and environmentally sustainable? Or is it in the ‘unacceptable’ grey circle across any of those dimensions? If the latter, we urge you to reject or amend the policy proposal.

The aim is to maximise the positive impact of a policy proposal ‘in the round’ and avoid the unacceptable.

You can download the short paper and template below.

We welcome feedback on the tool, including how you have used it. Please e-mail any feedback to with ‘Food Policy Compass’ in the title of the e-mail.