Food Policy on Trial: UBI a powerful tool – press release

Universal Basic Income could be the single most powerful tool to eliminate household
food insecurity

Universal Basic Income (‘UBI’) is a powerful idea with the potential to deliver significant net benefits for our food systems – and society. It could help transform people’s lives as well as food and farming more widely. That was the verdict of the Food Ethics Council jury at its recent Food Policy On Trial event which critically explored whether UBI as a policy idea could positively contribute to fairer food systems.

There has been a resurgence of interest in UBI, which is a regular, no-strings attached and unconditional payment to every member of society to cover basic needs. The Irish Government is the latest to commit to a UBI trial. But very few have joined the dots between UBI and food – until now. In this public policy debate, expert witnesses were questioned by a jury of members of the Food Ethics Council, a UK-based independent think tank. The jury’s verdict? UBI is a powerful tool that has potential to radically reduce household food insecurity and to have a cushioning effect for those otherwise at risk of sliding into food insecurity, particularly in the context of COVID-19….

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