From A to B: A snapshot of UK food distribution

People care increasingly about where food comes from, yet we usually only glimpse the logistical feats that bring it to us.

‘From A to B: A snapshot of the UK food distribution system’ lifts the lid on the food transport, which often involves complex journeys, and many staging posts, in several countries. Our report starts by looking at the overall shape of the UK food distribution system, then follows the journey of food from overseas and UK producers via processors and manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, foodservice companies, and, finally, shopping trips.

The report is an overview of a complicated and rapidly changing system. Its sister publications – ‘Food distribution: an ethical agenda’ and ‘Future scenarios for the UK food system: a toolkit for thinking ahead’ – provide critical analysis and a guide to how the system could, and should, change in the future.

ISBN: 978-0-9549218-5-9