Future scenarios for the UK food system

Based on expert analysis of current and emerging trends, this report identifies four different but equally plausible scenarios for the future of the UK’s food system – from production, distribution, retail, catering and consumption through to its role in politics, the economy and culture. The report includes exercises to help readers ‘future-proof’ campaigns, policies, and products, and develop their own vision of a more sustainable food system.

Developed as part of our two-year research project on sustainable food distribution, these scenarios help us think about how the UK’s food system could develop over the next couple of decades, and highlight possible future trends that have received scant attention in policy and business initiatives on food distribution.

Of course, we can’t predict the future at the best of times, but in today’s climate of economic, geopolitical and environmental instability, it is even more important to plan ahead wisely for a sustainable and ethical food system.

We believe that these scenarios can help civil society groups, public policymakers and businesses identify key challenges, test out policies, products and campaigns, and think more clearly about our aspirations for the future.