Food Ethics Council and social justice

a personal reflection on the Food Ethics Council’s approach to social justice in the food system.

In this paper, Geoff Tansey gives a personal reflection on the way the Food Ethics Council approached social justice in the food system. He charts how the Food Ethics Council was set up, how the members worked, how it used the ethical matrix to frame its initial work but refocused this to a framing around fair say, fair share and fair play in its Inquiry on Food and Fairness. This was an innovative piece of work for the Food Ethics Council, which produced the Food Justice report. It led to follow-up work looking at what going Beyond Business as Usual meant. He ends with a reflection on how thinking about those issues today has led the Council into a new focus for its work in developing an in-depth critique of how the UK is performing relative to other countries, an accompanying ethical analysis and tools such as a Food Policy Barometer.