Reality check for the UK

REALITY CHECK: how is the UK doing on food sustainability?

A response by the Food Ethics Council to the latest Food Sustainability Index

Our food systems have major impacts – both positive and negative – on people, animals and the planet. When considering a range of social and environmental impacts in the round, how is the UK doing on food sustainability? Where is the UK doing well and where is it lagging behind? How can it seek to rise up the rankings…?

“The UK’s performance in the latest Food Sustainability Index – languishing in 20th place – shows that a bold UK government response to the National Food Strategy is desperately needed”

Dan Crossley, Executive Director, Food Ethics Council

The latest Food Sustainability Index (‘FSI’) – developed by BCFN and Economist Impact – provides a reality check of how some countries are performing on food sustainability, using data and qualitative assessment to help cut through the rhetoric of claims by political leaders. Sweden, Japan and Canada take first three places overall in the latest iteration of the FSI, with the UK languishing in 20th place…

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The full Food Sustainability Index is available here (external site).