The Ethical Shopping Guide

Before you even make your weekly shopping list, decisions about how and where you buy your food have an ethical implication. The ethical shopping guide recommends unpackaged food, locally bought, as and when you need it. Off the menu is overpackaged, bulk-made, multi-buy purchases you don’t really need, bought from out-of-town superstores.

When it comes to what you eat, whether you eat lots of fruit and veg or you’re a committed carnivore, everything that ends up on your plate has an impact on the health and welfare of our planet, people and animals. The ethical shopping guide recommends lots of organic, fairly traded fruit and veg, and less but better quality meat and dairy and sustainably caught fish. Off the menu is intensively farmed and industrially produced fruit, veg, meat and dairy.

The ethical shopping guide aims to help people navigate some of the more difficult issues that buying food in Britain can raise.