Let’s up the pace on the SDGs in the UK

UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD) has launched a new Food Systems Programme, bringing together cross-sector organisations who are working across the food sector to accelerate progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UK.

The Food Ethics Council is joining the UKSSD’s Food System Programme in order to encourage ‘in the round’, systemic change, bringing in our ethical expertise. We hope that this process will also help accelerate the shift from consumer to food citizenship mindset. Transforming our food systems is a critical step towards meeting the SDGs.

The next couple of years are vital if the UK is play its part in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals. We need to come together and take urgent action to transform our food system, so it is fair and healthy for people, animals and the planet” – Dan Crossley, Executive Director, the Food Ethics Council