We all want good food standards

Our Executive Director, Dan Crossley, responds to the results of a newly released survey from Which? which asked more than 2,000 people in the UK for their views on food standards:

“A key message the government should take note of is that high food standards are not a concern just for the middle classes. There’s a strong appetite for good food across all parts of society. These findings counter the argument often put forward that those on low incomes somehow don’t care about food quality and only want cheap, low standard, food. 

We join Which?  – and many others – in urging the government not to compromise on food standards in trade negotiations. We mustn’t weaken standards on food safety, environmental protection, workers’ rights and animal welfare – quite the opposite. Instead we need to protect and further strengthen food standards.”

Which?’s survey found that “those from lower socio-economic backgrounds were less likely than those from higher socio-economic households to believe imports of food produced to lower standards should be available in the UK. Only one in 10 (11%) from less affluent households said food from countries with lower standards should be allowed in the UK, in comparison with one in six (16%) from more affluent households.”

For more details of the results of this new survey, please visit Which?’s website here.