What does civil(ised) society mean, as it relates to food?

“We know civilisation is in crisis when we can’t ensure everyone has access to sufficient, healthy, sustainable, affordable food. When you next tuck into a sausage sandwich or a salad, pause for a minute. Think about everything that’s gone into getting that food to your plate – the ingredients, the many hands they have passed through, the energy and water used, the hard work, the kilometres travelled, whether any animals involved are likely to have lived a good life.….


A civilised society is one where we treat each other, the planet and animals with kindness, fairness and dignity. Our relationship with food holds the key.”

Our Executive Director, Dan Crossley, was invited to respond to the question ‘what does civil(ised) society mean to you, from a food and food ethics perspective, as part of the Rethinking Civil Society project from the University of York.

Read the full thought-piece on the Rethinking Civil Society website here, where you can also find perspectives from a range of leading figures.