Food and fairness: the second hearing

Committee members heard evidence from four expert witnesses on different aspects of inequality of opportunity in food and farming.

Karolina Krzywdzinska spoke about her experience as a worker in a fruit-packing factory; Shane Tyler, from Manor Fresh Ltd, provided an account of the realities of the UK’s agricultural labour market; Ben Rogaly, from the University of Sussex, presented evidence on the effects of food sector and agricultural restructuring on suppliers and workers; and Sophia Tickell, from SustainAbility, discussed the social justice implications of sustainability challenges.

A report of the hearing is available below, along with a dossier providing an overview of relevant research. These are the first two documents listed; and they are followed by the presentation that was provided by Sophia Tickell. Recordings of the different sessions of the hearing will be posted in the near future.

Download the Fair Play report.

Download the Fair Play dossier.

Download the Tickell presentation.