Food Ethics Council Executive Director Dan Crossley said:

“As the global food system becomes more deeply trapped in the strangleholds of resource constraint, climate change and population growth, rising food prices are an almost inevitable fact of life.

“Food businesses and government need to start planning now for that future by taking urgent action to tackle the issue of food affordability, including the introduction of measures such as a living wage.

“They also need to develop robust policies that make healthy food affordable, rather than peddling ‘cheap’ food that is costing us dear in terms of our health and our environment.”

Notes to editors

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  2. The Food Ethics Council is an independent think tank and charity whose vision is a world where all eat healthily and sustainably, enjoying food that is produced and traded fairly and humanely. To do that we promote ethical considerations in relation to decisions about food and farming and facilitate deliberative thinking and bold action for a fair food system.