The Commission will give parliamentarians, industry and academics the opportunity to discuss issues food companies face in ensuring the sustainability of supply chains and explore upcoming policy developments that seek to tackle them.

Among the topics discussed will be employment conditions; distribution of profit; how to best tackle resource depletion and climate change. Following the conclusion of the Commission, a 15-20 page report will be published outlining its findings and adding to the dialogue between parliament, industry and academia on this important issue.

Dr Rosemary Collier, Warwick University, commented:

“I am delighted to be taking part in the IPT/Food Ethics Council’s Sustainable Food Supply Chain Commission with us at Warwick. Engaging with parliamentarians and industry across the supply chain is critical in enabling us to tackle the challenging issues facing us.

“The Commission provides a creative process through which the sector can identify common issues and explore potential solutions to ‘big picture’ issues.”

Dan Crossley, Executive Director, Food Ethics Council, commented:

“This Commission is a much needed initiative that will be of great benefit to the food industry. It is a timely opportunity to help them get to grips with some the most difficult challenges facing the sector.

“I look forward to working with the IPT, Warwick University and the Commissioners to explore innovative and sustainable solutions to the problems facing our supply chain.”