What needs to change in UK dairy?

Our Dairy Project report captures steps key dairy stakeholders need to take, including our top five asks for a fairer, more ethical sector.

14 Dec 2023
Policy response

Jury verdict: Should we have a public procurement target?

Verdict from our Council member jury at Food Policy on Trial asking if there should be '80% from UK' target for publicly procured food

12 Dec 2023

Beware, but don’t be silent

Our Exec Director explores how food brands can navigate the space between greenwash and greenhush in this column for the Grocer

Dan Crossley
26 Oct 2023
Business Forum report

‘From greenwash to greenhush’ Business Forum report

Staying silent on green claims is potentially as harmful as greenwashing. Check out our Business Forum report

24 Oct 2023

Don’t let the GCA fall on the bonfire

Our Executive Director argues that the Groceries Code Adjudicator is needed now more than ever

Dan Crossley
18 Sep 2022

Intervening for better food systems

Our executive director Dan Crossley turns an admiring eye to Scotland's Good Food Nation Bill in a plea to UK government

Dan Crossley
24 Jun 2022

Civil(ised) society – the role of food

What does civil(ised) society mean to you? Our Exec Director tries to answer that big question, in relation to food

Dan Crossley
8 Jun 2022