Building community food resilience and empowering communities – VIDEO

In March 2022, we hosted an online event with around 150 participants where we explored how we can build community food resilience in the UK, empower communities and tackle hunger, hardship & injustice with dignity. We heard from those who’ve been doing it and explored what is needed to make things better now and in the future. You can watch the event back online here:

This session was aimed at those who work or volunteer for a community food organisation in the UK, a local authority, a funder, in policy and advocacy or simply have a desire to shift away from ‘sticking plaster’ food bank models.

Beth Bell from the Food Ethics Council shared the findings from our own research into the best approaches to build community food resilience, drawing on work we have done with community food organisations in Sheffield. Dale Cranshaw and Chandra Pankhania from Soil Association’s Food for Life team shared about the recent Understanding Participation in Community Food Activities report and work hosting My Food Community.

We also heard from those at working in/ with community food:

  • Emmott Baddeley (Foodhall)
  • Paige Liddle (An Even Better Arbourthorne)
  • Geraldine O’Riordan (Greener Kirkcaldy)
  • Dr Megan Blake (University of Sheffield)

You can download a pdf of the presentations via the ‘download pdf’ button below.

See ‘download jpeg’ for the visual capture of the event, as done by Ali Spaul.

Please join in the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #CommunityFoodResilience and let us know what you think.