What we want to see in party manifestoes

Food Ethics Council's 10 asks from party political manifestoes

Dan Crossley
9 Nov 2019

Food security is essential for national security

Guest blog from ffinlo Costain on why food security is vital for national security

ffinlo Costain
18 Sep 2019

How Food Sustainability Index can foster policy dialogue & progress

Martin Koehring, of the Economist Intelligence Unit, discusses how tools like the FSI play an important role in accelerating progress

Martin Koehring
26 Aug 2019

Brexit: trading away food and health?

Future trade deals are crucially important for who has what power and control over the food system in the future

Geoff Tansey
6 Aug 2019
Long Read

10 reasons to take ‘Our Future in the Land’ seriously

Our Executive Director on why we all need to ‘read and act' on the RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission’s new report

Dan Crossley
16 Jul 2019

A challenge to ethical consumerism

We need to shape our food system beyond the point of purchase, says the Food Ethics Council's Anna Cura

Anna Cura, Food Ethics Council
5 Jul 2019

Farm animal welfare – the canary in the mine for the SDGs

Farm animals play a crucial role in helping humans to manage nature well, says ffinlo Costain.

ffinlo Costain
27 May 2019

Key to getting better answers is asking better questions

Pausing and asking a better question is often better than panicking and rushing to judgement.

Dan Crossley, Food Ethics Council

Climate change can only be halted from the ground up

To halt nature's disappearance we must unlock transformational change

Joanna Lewis
8 May 2019