Farm animal welfare – the canary in the mine for the UN’s SDGs

Farm animals play a crucial role in helping humans to manage nature well, says ffinlo Costain.

ffinlo Costain
27 May 2019

The key to getting better answers, is asking better questions

Pausing and asking a better question is often better than panicking and rushing to judgement.

Dan Crossley, Food Ethics Council

Climate change can only be halted from the ground up

To halt nature's disappearance we must unlock transformational change

Joanna Lewis
8 May 2019

Legislating for a fairer food chain

Tom Wills welcomes a new European law that aims to support fairer trade in food.

Tom Wills
3 Apr 2019
Long Read

On normalism, privilege and vegetarian sandwiches

Treating meat eaters as the norm is a classic manifestation of privilege, says Patti Whalley

Patti Whaley

Food banks are no solution to poverty

Food Ethics Council signs joint letter to The Guardian on the use of charitable food aid

Food Ethics Council
26 Mar 2019

What good food research could do

Tim Lang considers why history matters for UK food-related research

Tim Lang
13 Mar 2019

We need a green diet that’s not half-baked

Julian Baggini considers the merits and flaws in EAT-Lancet's 'planetary health diet'

Julian Baggini, Food Ethics Council
5 Mar 2019

10 reasons to be optimistic about the future of UK food & farming

There are still reasons to be optimistic about the future of UK food & farming.

Dan Crossley
12 Dec 2018