We chatted to one of our new Council members, Jason Archie-Acheampong, to find out a little more about his current involvement in food systems change.

What drew you to the food and farming space?

Most of the world’s poorest are engaged in agricultural value chains and despite the fact that they are the ones keeping us nourished through the crops they grow, they retain only limited benefits from the economic value that’s generated from global food production. For me, eradicating the inequalities that exist in the global foods system is critical and this is why I am here, in the food space.

What are you fighting for the most at the moment?

I am currently fighting to help smallholders create value from surplus crops by working jointly with them to find markets for their crops, turning what would otherwise go to waste into value. I am most fired up about seeing countries across Africa retain more value from the food crops they produce rather than seeing most value created outside the continent to then be imported back in as finished goods.

What are you hopeful and excited about this year? 

This year I am hopeful about taking some steps to realise this with smallholders, food entrepreneurs and agribusinesses in countries across Africa and in South America. I am excited about communicating and sharing these experiences in ways that are accessible to various audiences.