Food businesses need to address root causes of hunger and hardship

“While we celebrate that [action by some food businesses during the pandemic], it is also important to acknowledge the need for a rethink in our approach to addressing hunger and hardship. The pandemic highlighted how quickly people’s circumstances can change. The compassion and community spirit shown by many have been hugely welcome, but not everyone is treated with dignity. We must break out of a two-tier food system, where the wealthy get to choose what they want and the ‘have nots’ are expected to eat the crumbs off the table.”

There are several different roles food companies can, and should, take in addressing household food insecurity….

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One Reply to “Moving beyond the gift of free food”

  1. The solution is a proper social security policy i.e. tax credits are a better policy than universal credit. Also, good covered markets, are a help to provide fresh fruit and vegetables. Newcastle upon Tyne’s Grainger market is a good example of what is needed. Professor Martin Caraher, Emeritus Professor of Food and Health Policy, City University, has applied social security policy to food policy.

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